How to Attract Top Talent

How to Attract Top Talent.


Just perhaps a follow on from my previous blog.  A great article from Greg Canty.


Jobsearching, Social Media and strong opinions

Friday afternoon and our last session of the day in the Getting Started in Postgraduate Research Skills about the use of social media and e-portfolios in our job search. Seems pretty simple, but it surely was not.

The lecturer asked us to formulate an elevator pitch, (what if you meet some in the elevator who you wanted to work for and you had 90 seconds to pitch yourself and your skills to him/her). Off we went to write a piece down just in case he called on us to read out what we had….he didn’t get to that part.

A participant in the session refused to pitch himself in such a manner. He felt is dehumanized him. He wasn’t going to sell himself just to get a job. He explained it a lot better in his own words, but I’m giving you the idea here. He hated the idea of Western ideals of the corporations and even remarked on the recent reports of how some companies are willing to help female employees freeze their eggs in order to enhance their career. And yet again he mentioned about not being human doing that. He went on (and on and on) about how we shouldn’t be selling/marketing ourselves in such a manner to find a job and how the American culture is just driving corporations throughout the world and (oh God forbid) giving employment to people!!! He agreed that job searching is competitive, but then he said that is not the case here in Western civilisations as well as here in Ireland. He completely disagrees with all marketing tools and actually marketing in general!!!

I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t sit there and listen to this. I had to speak out. My background is marketing. I have spent the last nearly two years searching for employment here in Cork. I have been actively networking, spending time on social media, “pitching myself” to potential employers. So for him to tell me that is easy to find work here….ah come on!!!! I did not care what he thought, I will use social media, I will pimp myself out as much as I can, I will talk your (potential employer) ear off until I bore you with the things I can do, just so you will know that I am a hard worker, I am a team player and I will work my f**king arse off for my wage so that I can feed my kids, pay my mortgage and have pride in what I do!!! And that is why I am in UCC, learning and educating myself so that I can get that job of my dreams. I will not give up, so does that mean that I am dehumanizing myself???

Sunday Digital Detox

As I stroll through my daily news feeds online while drinking my coffee and stare at the huge pile of laundry, an interesting and mind awaking article pops out from website. “Can Digital Detoxing help tech companies to grow?”

Apparently we all are guilty of spending too much time on a digital tool, either our tablet, laptop or mobile device.  Yes, I am guilty, guilty as sin.  I came to realise just the other day in fact that I haven’t owned a watch in a very long time.  Why?  Because I have my phone that tells the time so why should I bother have one (until Apple brings out their watch, of course!)

But what worried me the most was the fact that instead of wondering what the weather was like outside, instead of looking out the window, I checked my weather app on my phone!!! Oh dear, what is happening to me.  I give out to my kids for watching too much TV and to go outside more.  I am a hypocrite.  As adults, our children learn from what we do.  I don’t want them learning that all we do most of time is spend more time on our digital device than with them.

As a student of Digital Arts and Humanities, I am now using my phone and laptop more than ever.  We can’t stay away from some digital tool or another completely, but one needs to know when to put it down and enjoy the world.

So what is going on around you right now?

Keeping busy on a wet day

Keeping busy on a wet day